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FSPK WHO Standard Alcohol-Based Antibacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer

Features:Made for optimal compliance with hand hygiene in purest form, killing 99.99% germs, bacteria, and virusesWorld Health Organization (WHO) recommended handrub formulationSuper effective in prevention from flu, cold, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), and other disease causing bacteriaAvailable in Alcohol 75% v/v, or Ethanol 80% v/v liquid-based compositionsIngredients sourced from best quality standardized manufacturers around the worldPreparation in isolated lab under strict quali..


Xiaomi smartmi 3.5L Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

Features:Provide healthy and fresh air for youAdopting UV-CCL ultraviolet lamp, it can kill bacteria and release fresh airWith high-frequency disc, it can moisturize your skinMade of antibacterial ABS materialUpper water injection, convenient and easy3.5L large water capacity, the usage time is 16h Intelligent humidification control, keeps the comfortable humidityDifferent humidification speeds in different circumstancesIf you lift the water tank, the humidifier will stop workingOpen water ..

Xiaomi MINIJ Auto Foaming Hand Wash Soap Dispenser Out Of Stock

Xiaomi MINIJ Auto Foaming Hand Wash Soap Dispenser

Note: This product comes with the original Xiaomi hand wash liquid, and batteries. Liquid import clearance documents will be provided upon request.The Auto Foaming Hand Washer features an ultra-small size, as smaller as a toothbrush cup. You can put it in kitchen, bathroom, balcony easily. With auto foaming sensor, reaching hand 0.25s quick foaming, convenient and easy. Features:Bionics arc design, 13.5 degrees elevation in line with the natural state of reaching, ergonomic and comfort..


Xiaomi ZSH Antibacterial Microfiber Cotton Towel

Xiaomi ZSH.COM towel adopts Sinkiang long-staple cotton, which is soft and skin-friendly. With Sweden anti-mite material Polygiene, it can effectively inhibit the growth of fungus, bacteria, mites, and it will not cause odor. The absorption capacity of the ZSH.COM towel is brilliant, so it can quickly absorb the water off your hair. The bright color indicates youth and energy, the patented sealing package ensures the cleanness of the towel before using. Start your beautiful day every morning wit..


Xiaomi Dr.BEI Mijia Custom PAP Bass Method Support Toothbrush

Features:PAPAnti-PlaqueAnti-bacterialJapanese TORAY and German PEDEX2000 BristlesPerforated rubber gripSpecial Mijia Custom EditionSpecifications:Brand: Dr.BEI (by Xiaomi). Special Mijia Custom EditionModel: DRBEI910141Color: Blue, PinkNumber of Bristle Fibers: 2000Grade: Food GradeImported: Japan TORAY, German HAHL PEDEXPatented: Yes, 23 patentsCovers: Soft, Medium and Hard Suitable for: Children and AdultsPackage Includes:1x Xiaomi Dr.BEI PAP Bass Method Support ToothbrushNote:&..


Xiaomi COMO LIVING Copper Fiber Antibacterial Anti-mite Sleeping Bag

Features:Anti-mite.Antibacterial.Soft fabric.Light to carry.All-round protection.Separate storage bag with pull rope.Stud fastener tich button and YKK zipper.Integrated pillow case.Bottom opener for warm nights.Ideal for:travelers, hotel or motel stayers, hostel residents, backpackers, visiting relatives, asthma patients, people with dust or mite allergies, and those who wish for a clean and comfortable sleep.Specifications:Brand: COMO LIVING (by Xiaomi)Model: CM18011131W (3012156)Mate..

Xiaomi Dr.BEI Bass Toothbrush with Case Out Of Stock

Xiaomi Dr.BEI Bass Toothbrush with Case

Features:Premium quality high-low soft Japanese TORAY bristles, antibacterial and durable, go deep into wisdom teeth, gum gap and quickly clean dental plaquesBesides the bristles of Doctor B toothbrush, the neck, grip and body of this toothbrush is all made of food-grade PP material to ensure your safety, smooth and clean, it will not hurt your oral cavityWith food-grade PP hard case for travel and storage, to prevent crawling and flying insectsSpecifications:Brand: Dr.BEI (by Xiaomi)Model:..


Xiaomi JieZhi JAZY Three-layer Magic Sponge

Features:Excellent material, with scouring pad + antibacterial sponge + filter sponge (3-in-1), to help you easily remove the stubborn stains in the kitchenRemove hardware water stains Helps in removing the kitchen severe greasyDoes not scratch the coating of potsMake your dinnerware brand new all over againSpecifications:Brand: JieZhi (by Xiaomi)Model: JIEZHI-3010260Material: Polymer Fiber + PUColor: WhiteStandard: Q/320982DFOK 013-2018Size: 11.5 x 6 x 3.5 cmWeight: 6gPackag..

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Antibacterial Filter Out Of Stock

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Antibacterial Filter

Features:Effectively eliminates bacteria, dust mites, PM2.5 particles in the air With specially designed antibacterial layer, it can effectively kill the bacteria Quadruple purification effect with brilliant absorption abilitySuitable for Xiaomi Mi purifier, Xiaomi Mi purifier 2, Xiaomi Mi purifier ProWe suggest you replace the filter every 3 - 6 monthsSuitable for Original Xiaomi OLED Display Smart Air Purifier 2S / Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier / Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 / Xiaomi Mi Air Pur..