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Digoo BB-CQ1 Augmented Reality AR Education Interactive Cards 108Pcs

Features:108 Pieces of interactive learning cards using augmented reality (AR) app for a virtual 3D experience of the real world.Original voices and sounds of objects and living thingsClear English pronunciation with phonetics teachingAnti eye straining appTouch screen actions to rotate, tap and interact with objects/creaturesUp to 5 cards on one app screenMulti-angle, tilt, rotate, tap, magnify, micro, App Support 5 devices using in the same time and don't need connect WiFi.If you accident..


Keri - the Modern Pocket Case and Minimalist Wallet

This versatile pocket carrier allows you to store your credit cards, loose belongings and more.Features:Ultra Minimalist - Keri is a simple, lightweight, and practical minimalist wallet that can hold a variety of small items.Modern Design - Keri consists of top cover, base container, and elastic band. You can place items in the base container, and the elastic band holds the top & base parts together.Complete Wallet - Frequently used cards and cash can be stored under the band that acts as a ..