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Digoo DG-FT2303 Smart Bluetooth Touch Screen Three Channel Food Thermometer

Do you feel frustrated when inviting friends over for BBQ, worrying the meat will be somewhat raw or rather overcooked? We've got the perfect solution for you! Digoo DG-FT2303 Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer will show you exactly when meat is ready.Features:Save You Time & Effort - This top notch digital cooking and barbecue thermometer features a Bluetooth V.4.0 wireless data transmissions and APP control function that lets you know on the phone when the ideal temperature has been reached . N..


Xiaomi kalar Magic Baby Silicone Food Tray

Features:Variety Of Choices & Combination - Ideal lunch food box, can fit the mom's different combination of food requirements. Add or subtract as much food as you want, with the cooking and feel of the environment.Authoritative Certification & Security Assurance - Selected food grade silica gel, safety material, certified by American FDA and German LFGB.Double Protection Against Leakage - PP material of the outer box with embedded sealing design of the box cover, can efficient..


Xiaomi Mijia 3L Smart WiFi Induction Rice Cooker

Features:More than 3000 kinds of cooking rice automatic matching Every meters have different features, general steps can be cooked rice cooking, but not delicious. After repeated tests, we have accumulated more than 3000 kinds of cooking rice, using a mobile phone APP scans the bar code on the packaging can automatically match, let every meters the mistresses, sweet and delicious.Before coming off work to start the rice cooker, home can taste the warm riceRice home IH cooker connected WiFi,..


Xiaomi Mijia WiFi Precise Control Induction Cooker

Features:100+ cooking modes - You are free to choose cooking modes such as frying, boiling and moreStable heating - The traditional induction cooker will appear intermittent heating problems, the unstable temperature will lead to cooking failure. In order to solve this problem, Xiaomi induction cooker using dual-frequency heating technology, which can give you a cooking experience such as the traditional stoveLow-temperature cooking - Benefit from the sensitive temperature probe and dual-fr..

Xiaomi JieZhi JAZY Three-layer Magic Sponge -23%

Xiaomi JieZhi JAZY Three-layer Magic Sponge

Features:Excellent material, with scouring pad + antibacterial sponge + filter sponge (3-in-1), to help you easily remove the stubborn stains in the kitchenRemove hardware water stains Helps in removing the kitchen severe greasyDoes not scratch the coating of potsMake your dinnerware brand new all over againSpecifications:Brand: JieZhi (by Xiaomi)Model: JIEZHI-3010260Material: Polymer Fiber + PUColor: WhiteStandard: Q/320982DFOK 013-2018Size: 11.5 x 6 x 3.5 cmWeight: 6gPackag..

Rs.649 Rs.499
Xiaomi JieZhi JAZY Emery Multipurpose Magic Sponge -23%

Xiaomi JieZhi JAZY Emery Multipurpose Magic Sponge

Features:Say goodbye to stubborn smudges and solve the every household's problem of "black pot bottom"Make your pots brand newEmery grain, strong decontamination Alumina is used as the material of diamond gravel, and its hardness is second only to diamond.The Magic Wipes can not only rub the corresponding pot smudges and rust, but also as a polishing and page tool. Specifications:Brand: JieZhi JAZY (by Xiaomi)Model: EMERY-102241Material: Sponge + AluminaColor: BrownStandard: Q/320..

Rs.649 Rs.499
Xiaomi Kalar Fruit Vegetable I-Peeler and Y-Peeler -6%

Xiaomi Kalar Fruit Vegetable I-Peeler and Y-Peeler

Features:Made of high-quality stainless steel blades from Japan, it is extremely sharp, with serrated active blades, soft and hard fit, easy peeling.Y-type paring knife is a peeling master of round ingredients. When you encounter potatoes, lemon can also be easily peeled.I-Type Peeler has a slim appearance and is suitable for a variety of fruits, especially long ones.TPE soft rubber handle, high elasticity.Specifications:Brand: Kalar (by Xiaomi)Model: KL0100102 (Y-Peeler) /  KL0100203 ..

Rs.1,999 Rs.1,870