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BroadLink SC1 Contros 10A 2500W Smart WiFi Remote Control Switch Out Of Stock

BroadLink SC1 Contros 10A 2500W Smart WiFi Remote Control Switch

BroadLink SC1 is a smart Home Control Box and could connect to a wide range of appliances, such as lights, PC, fan, microwave, TV, LED, water dispenser, etc., which then provides customers with smart remote home control via a WiFi router. As long as the mobile has network, customers can freely turn their appliances on/off through BroadLink "e-Control" anywhere in the world and anytime. What is more, set timing schedule to allow the appliances to cut down or scheduled on/off is also possible.Feat..


BroadLink SP mini Smart WiFi Remote Control Socket Switch Plug

BroadLink SP Mini is a smart WiFi plug that you can control your home appliances remotely such as water heater, electric rice-cooker and turning on / off lights with specific APP through your smart phone or tablet. This intelligent power adapter also features a sweet timer and auto function. It will turn on home appliances automatically when you come back home and turn off when you are away from home.Features:Wireless Remote ControlOne Button Control - For your home appliances tap to switch..


PoE Power Over Ethernet 100Mbps Injector for CCTV IP Camera and Networking

Features:To achieve best performance of a Wireless LAN, the location of Access Point (AP) must be carefully chosen. In most cases, finding a power supply for AP is a common obstacle.Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology provides the ideal power solution to help overcome these obstacles. In Ethernet, four pairs of C5 or C5E twisted pairs are used as the medium for transmission.The actual data transmission, however, only takes up 4-pairs of wires (pairs 1-8). PoE technology utilizes the remaining p..


Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Smart Switch (Upgraded Gyroscope Version)

This is a low-energy, simple and portable one-key device. It can control various smart devices, such as smart wall light, socket, intelligent curtain, etc. You can remotely control switch on/off via 'Mi Home' App from anywhere. It can also be used as a doorbell. Convenient to use. What is more, the adhesive tape enables it to put or stick on any place you need. Features:A compact device that allows you to control your home electronic devices from anywhere, make life easier and smarter.One k..

Sonoff Basic WiFi Smart Switch Out Of Stock

Sonoff Basic WiFi Smart Switch

Home automation is "The Internet of Things". It simply means the way all devices or appliances are networked together to provide users with a seamless control over their home equipment.Sonoff Basic is an affordable WiFi smart switch that provides users with smart home control. It is a remote control power switch that can connect to a wide range of appliances. Sonoff Basic WiFi electrical switch transmits data to a cloud platform through the WiFi Router, which enables users to remotely control al..


Sonoff Dual 2 Channel WiFi Smart Switch

Sonoff Dual is a WiFi based 2 gang switch that can connect and independently control two connected appliances or lights. This simply means 1 Sonoff Dual control switch equals to 2 Sonoff basic switches! Sonoff Dual 2 gang light switch inherits Sonoff Basic switch’s advantages such as easy installation and operation, quick WiFi access, remote control through APP EweLink.In the application eWeLink, available on both iOS and Android, users can independently turn on/off each of the two connected dev..

Sonoff 4CH Pro Multichannel 433MHz RF and WiFi Smart Switch with Inching Interlock and Self-locking Out Of Stock

Sonoff 4CH Pro Multichannel 433MHz RF and WiFi Smart Switch with Inching Interlock and Self-locking

Sonoff 4CH Pro is a 4-gang RF and WiFi switch. They support switching among 3 working modes: interlock/self-locking/inching mode, and both supports to set 1-16s delay in inching mode. This feature allows you to let your switch turn on for a few seconds then goes off, which works like a pulse switch. They integrate with a 433.92MHz RF receiver module, making them possible to be controlled by RF Remote. The smart switches are DIN Rail mounted.Users can remotely turn on/off the connected lights/app..

Sonoff 4CH Multichannel WiFi Smart Switch Out Of Stock

Sonoff 4CH Multichannel WiFi Smart Switch

Sonoff 4CH are 4-gang switches with din rail mounting. Sonoff 4CH 4 gang light switch supports to connect and control 4 electrical appliances, which can be turned on/off separately by the buttons or iOS/Android App EweLink. Besides, with the multi gang switch, you can check real-time devices status for each device on App. Owning a Sonoff 4CH multi gang switch means you have 4 Sonoff basic WiFi switches integrate together. The enclosure is din rail mount supported! A DIN rail is a metal rail..

Sonoff POW WiFi Smart Switch with Power Consumption Measurement Out Of Stock

Sonoff POW WiFi Smart Switch with Power Consumption Measurement

Sonoff POW is a wireless smart power switch with electricity usage monitor feature. The Sonoff POW remote power switch works like an electricity consumption calculator( kwh calculator), it allows users to calculate electricity usage and remote control the connected electrical devices by the App EWeLink. Sonoff POW energy usage calculator has the amazing capability to display the electrical devices' instant wattage consumption. It also has the option to report the energy consumption in kWh o..

Sonoff G1 GPRS GSM Remote Power Smart Switch Out Of Stock

Sonoff G1 GPRS GSM Remote Power Smart Switch

Sonoff G1 is a GSM smart power switch that allows users to remotely turn on/off any connected appliances by Android and iOS app eWeLink via GPRS network.Different from other Sonoff products that have to connect to WiFi or LAN, G1 supports to be inserted with a SIM card (GSM/GPRS:800/900/1800/1900MHz) and use the 2G GPRS network to control connected appliances. The 3G and 4G card can also work on 2G network. Please make sure your area has covered with stable 2G network signal. Users can apply the..


Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch Wireless ZigBee Version (Double Button)

Package Includes:1x Xiaomi Aqara WXKG02LM Smart Light Switch Wireless ZigBee Version (Double Button)1x Adhesive Double-sided Sticker1x User Manual1x Set of Screws..