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Xiaomi Mijia Smart WiFi Socket 2 (ZigBee Version)

Out Of Stock Xiaomi Mijia Smart WiFi Socket 2 (ZigBee Version)

This Xiaomi smart WiFi socket ZigBee version has 6 different kind of functions to control power supply at home.

You can use the APP at phone to check out, control the power switch and turn off the lamp after you go to bed. Besides that, compared with other smart sockets, the power consumption of this item is marginally low. At the same time, pairing it with Xiaomi Multi-functional Gateway can make all your appliances smarter.


  • Remote Control: Can use the phone to check out and control the power switch.
  • Power Counting: It can be used for a glance of cumulative electricity consumption.
  • Time Switch: You can turn off appliances by using the timing switch function.
  • Overload protection: Using the V0 grade 750 centigrade flame retardant material.
  • Broken network available: With ZigBee protocol, when the internet is down, the socket still works.
  • Low-energy: Low standby power consumption, smart and power saving.


Phone users must download the Xiaomi smart home APP to utilize the smart socket function

Xiaomi WiFi router must download the Xiaomi router APP to utilize the smart socket function

This item must match the Xiaomi multi-functional gateway to use, meaning you should have the ZigBee version of multi-functional gateway. Available here: Xiaomi Mi Smart Home WiFi ZigBee Remote Control Multi-functional Gateway (Upgraded Version)

Connecting steps: 

  1. When the yellow light of socket flash, open smart home APP, click the upper right corner of + to add sockets
  2. Select the name you want to access WiFi and enter the password
  3. When the light is solid blue, the configuration is successful

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