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Xiaomi SOOCAS IPX5 Waterproof Electric Vibrissac Hair Scissors Out Of Stock

Xiaomi SOOCAS IPX5 Waterproof Electric Vibrissac Hair Scissors

Features:Precision cutter gear, will not pull the hair and will not bleedNon-slip handle & Special Design IPX5 waterproofSafe and energy savingMultiple Uses Adjust the right angle with a small, lightweight cutter head Trim excess hair that affects the facial image Meet everyday needs, nose hair, ear hair, temple hair, eyebrows trim, etc.Easy to carry, Trim at any time. Small size and light weight. Trimmer can be placed in a suitcase, wash bag, etc. Protecti..


Xiaomi HANDX Waterproof Electric Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Features:High speed motor / Sharp cutter head / Waterproof. Get rid of excess nose and ear hair. No more awkwardness.Portable design, convenient and easy for travel. Mini body shell & matte surface, gives you a comfortable feeling.Bottom concealed switch and reduce error handing. The touch-sensitive concealed push switch is ingeniously designed to achieve a sealed waterproof effect.The trimmer is safe for both men and women. Men can also use this to trim their mustaches. Easy to clean, ..