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Reward Points

Every 100 Pakistani Rupees (PKR) that you spend on a successful purchase, gives you 1 Reward Point. For example, if  the order delivered to you had a total of PKR 2500, this means 25 FlashSale.pk Reward Points will be added to your account. These 25 rupees are a sort of cashback reward, that you can use in your upcoming orders.

Points can then be used to buy products. When checking out, every 1 Reward Point accumulates to PKR 1. For example, you will need 500 Reward Points to buy a product that has an original sale price of PKR 500.

Reward Points are added to your account once the purchase is complete. Please note that it can take up to a couple of days for the points to show up. You will receive an email and/or SMS every time points are added to your account. Furthermore, points history can be seen under your account dashboard (login required). 

How can I get more FlashSale.pk Reward Points?

There are several ways to earn more Reward Points:

When placing an order

1 FlashSale.pk point (100 PKR spent = 1 FlashSale.pk point)

Reviewing Products

On FlashSale.pk products page: 10 FlashSale.pk points per review

FlashSale.pk Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp Group, etc. : 10 FlashSale.pk points per review per platform. Extra 5 when there is a video review.

How to redeem FlashSale.pk Reward Points?

You may redeem the points by either adding the product into the cart and selecting Pay with Points option. However, if this option is not yet available on your account, please contact support and they will issue you a coupon/voucher code against your account points.


  • EXPIRY - Points earned this year will expire next year's end. For example, points earned via buying/reviewing products on 5th March 2018, and 20th December 2018, will both expire on 31st December 2019.
  • TRANSFER - Points can't be transferred to another account, regardless of the claim that a customer owns both accounts.
  • MONETARY VALUE - Unless consumed, reward points has ZERO monetary value, and can't be cashed out in rupees. Requests for converting reward points into cash would be denied. 
  • OTHER LIMITATIONS - Points CAN NOT be used with any promotional offer, on Special Priced products, PriceZERO products and Pre-orders.