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Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Magnetizer Demagnetizer

Features:No batteries or electrical required, easy to use.Can magnetize screwdriver tips or just about anything elseIt can also be used to demagnetize tools or parts you don't want to keep magnetized anymoreWork with Xiaomi Mijia Screwdriver Kit and 1FS Pro 1P+ Electric screwdriver and more in the series of Wowstick.Usage:When working with electronics sometimes you would want the screws from the appliances or components to be picked up by the screwdriver tip. To achieve this, you need to Magneti..

MyAntenna P1S Digital Laser Distance Measure Meter Range Finder Out Of Stock

MyAntenna P1S Digital Laser Distance Measure Meter Range Finder

Features:Taking measurements always seems to be a two men job. Tangled tape measure, approximations, inadequacies. We've all been there. P1s is here to change the game.  It's the ultimate measuring tool designed to make life easier for those who need to accurately and quickly measure items daily.P1s is a highly accurate, fast and easy-to-use laser measurement tool. Forget the bulky, complicated laser distance meters and discover a beginners-friendly, high-specs tool, which measures up to al..

Xiaomi Mijia Wowtation Wowstick Wowpad 2 Magnet Screw Pad Out Of Stock

Xiaomi Mijia Wowtation Wowstick Wowpad 2 Magnet Screw Pad

Features:Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 is a magnetic screw pad (ScrewPad) used for placing the screws removed from electronic products, such as smartphones, digital cameras, RC toys. Clearly marked grids to position the screws with a trace paper, enables you to memorize the screws of the products easily. Perfect on-the-go partner for your wowstick screwdrivers like A1, 1S, 1F, 1FS, 1P, 1P+, H1, Mijia, and traditional mechanical ones.● Precise grid design for accurate screw distinction ● Magneti..


Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 24-in-1 Multipurpose Precision Screwdriver Set

Features:The newest XIAOMI wiha screwdrivers kits come to us, with new design, 24pcs screw bits and one screwdriver, in an aluminium alloy package box with magnetism. Easy to operate, durable and portable. It can be widely used in most household electric appliances.Xiaomi & Wiha presentMade of Aluminium Alloy, S2 steelOne handle, 24pcs different screw bits, and a package boxIdeal for daily household maintenance, as watch, camera, radio, laptop, mobile phone,Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and ..