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Xiaomi MIIIW Ergonomic Laptop Notebook Cooling Stand

Out Of Stock Xiaomi MIIIW Ergonomic Laptop Notebook Cooling Stand


Ergonomics - Lifts the notebook/laptop 8° up for effective decompression of the wrist. Ideal for prolonged users.

Strengthen Heat Dissipation - Increase air contact area for more efficient heat dissipation

High Adaptability - Can match various notebook tablet and laptop models (12"-15.6")

Micro-adhesive - Support repeated washing. Reuse after cleaning

Outstanding Material - Made of ABS, PC and metal shaft, high strength, safe and non-toxic

Strong Structure - Stable anti-slip, durable, foldable 30,000 times

Light and Outstanding - Slim design with a thickness of only 4.6mm. Hardly noticeable


What are the types of computers that can be adapted?

The size of the product is 228 x 52 x 4.6mm, which can be adapted to 12~15.6-inch laptops. More suitable for 12~13 inch laptops, though.

How to paste and use?

  1. Remove the protective film from the attachment surface.
  2. After the attachment surface is aligned with the end of the notebook, paste and press.
  3. Note: Avoid attaching the surface directly to the vent hole of the notebook, so as not to affect the normal heat dissipation.

How to maintain?

Avoid high temperatures, rain forests, moisture and overloaded loads to prevent various chemicals and oils from eroding. If the product is accidentally drenched in rain or contaminated with beverages or grease, immediately absorb it with a clean cloth or sponge and place it in a cool, ventilated place to dry naturally.

How to deal with the viscosity reduction of the adhesive?

The bottom of the product uses advanced micro-adhesive tape, which can be used repeatedly. If the viscosity of the sticker is reduced or stained, it is recommended to use a damp cloth to scrub to restore the viscosity.

How much load capacity can it withstand?

This product can hold 5kg pressure.

Is the color Black?

The picture is taken in studio. Due to the difference between the shooting light and the resolution of the computer monitor, there may be subtle chromatic aberration between the picture and the object. The final color is subject to the actual black color.


Brand: Xiaomi (MIIIW)

Model: MWLS01

Material: ABS + PC

Suitable for: 12"-13" laptops, notebooks, tablets. 15.6" also adaptable

Color: Black

Maximum Weight Capacity: 5KG

Executive Standards: Q/BJMWK0010-2018

Size: 228 x 52 x 4.6mm

Weight: 55g

Package Includes:

1x Xiaomi MIIIW Ergonomic Laptop Notebook Cooling Stand

Note: Suitable for laptops / notebooks / tablets 12" to 15.6" only

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