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FSPK 4-Ply Nonwoven Polypropylene Ear Loop Ultrasonic Surgical Face Mask

-40% FSPK 4-Ply Nonwoven Polypropylene Ear Loop Ultrasonic Surgical Face Mask


Surgical standards droplet-proof 4-ply face mask with elastic ear loops ultrasonic punched. Extremely easy to breathe, especially for the elderly. One size for all. Ideal affordable choice when N95 or KN95 is not available. Suitable for protection against dust, smog, allergens, viruses such as coronavirus, flu, COVID-19, SARS, etc,

Usage Instructions:

  1. Place the mask against your face with the punched side of ear loops towards your face
  2. Pull the right loop to the back of your right ear and release.
  3. Pull the left loop to the back of your left ear and release.
  4. Stretch the mask from nose to chin, and place the fingertips of both hands at the top of the mask and press firmly to airlock
  5. The seal of the mask on the face should be checked by the wearer prior to entering the work area.
    1. Cover the front of the mask with both hands, being careful not to disturb the position of the mask.
    2. Exhale sharply. If air leaks around the nose angle, readjust the nose area as described in step 4. If air leaks at the mask edges, work the straps back along the side of your hand. If you CANNOT achieve a proper seal, DO NOT enter the contaminated area. See your supervisor.
    3. If no leakage is detected, then work may proceed.

It is very important to keep the mask firmly attached with your skin to form a good seal.


Brand: FSPK (Made proudly by FlashSale.pk in Pakistan)


Material: Nonwoven Polypropylene

Stitch: Ultrasonically punched

Droplet-proof: Yes

Color: White

Size: Standard

Wearing method: ear-mounted, dual elastic loop bands

Storage: -20°C to +50°C and at less than 80% relative humidity

Allergy Advisory: This mask contains no components made from natural rubber latex

Packaging: Sold as 1 (bulk) or 100 (pack)


This mask helps protect against certain particles. Misuse can result in sickness or death. For proper use, see supervisor

  • The wearer must first be trained in the proper use and fit tested before using this mask.
  • Do not use this mask when concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to life or health.
  • Leave the contaminated area immediately if breathing becomes difficult, or dizziness or other distress occurs.
  • Discard and replace mask if it becomes damaged, damp or breathing resistance becomes excessive, or you can smell the surroundings more than before.
  • Inspect mask before each use to ensure it is in good working condition. Examine all the mask parts for signs of damage including the two ear loops and fitting.
  • Do not alter, wash, abuse or misuse this mask.
  • Do not use with beards or other facial hair or other conditions that prevent a good seal between the face and the sealing edge of the mask.
  • Can be used up to the limits specified by applicable government regulations for this product.
  • Failure to follow all instructions and warnings on the use of this mask and/or failure to wear this respirator during all times of exposure can reduce mask effectiveness and may result in illness or permanent disability.
  • Make sure the mask is not crushed or squeezed by an outside force, as this may result in the deformation and damage of the mask. Especially pay more attention when the wearer is biking, running or conducting other activities.
  • Outside forces acting upon the mask may result in injury to the wearer.

Package Includes:

1x FSPK 4-Ply Nonwoven Polypropylene Ear Loop Ultrasonic Surgical Face Mask

Note: Masks are sold individually in bulk sealed packaging, unless 100 pieces are ordered, then resealable pack is shipped. 

fspk 4-ply nonwoven polypropylene ear loop ultrasonic surgical face mask

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